Too broke to afford hope

Left high school still high from the middle school parking lot
Lunchtime dime bag smoking pot a lot
Future comes faster than you planned it
You took economics class but
never could understand it
Didn’t go to college because it cost too much money for that knowledge
Ironic because it cost much more
Not to attend in the long run you’re poor
So you started working for your uncle’s company that got demolished
Now life’s looking like a suicide film montage
No job no skills no life
Knocked up the girlfriend
Now you’ve got a kid and a wife

Too broke to afford to joke about
Being bored
like when you used to smoke in your ford and choke
thinking with each toke your blood would absorb
that one day some way you would be rich master and lord

Now you can’t buy a movie ticket
If you had a job you
Wouldn’t know what to do with it
Unemployment check brings water below your neck
For one week while you get wrecked
Then the dealer gives you a front “this one time”
Now you owe a lot more money than just that first dime

Next comes a prison sting because you went on a robbery spree
Trying to pay off debt you made from drug induced misery
Fucked up your vision from
just wanting to party
Now you’re missing living free
You only feel alive partly

You didn’t see anything coming
Because you were on that crack cocaine
And could only hear your heart drumming and had one thought on
your brain

Now your kid stays at grandmas house for good
While his momma makes money prostituting in the hood
If only you would of paid attention in school
Worried less about getting laid and being cool
You might not have gone down the drug addiction crime road
And you wouldn’t be crying yourself to sleep while your celly is busting a load

Feminist Man

You say which orifice or a fist
Then you’re pissed when each misses gets panties in a twist
over your dumb ass act alpha pretense
your half ass no class defense
is macho manly bro fest impress each creature in dress
Which must be temptress
asking for loveless sex interest
You begin to pursue
by demonstrating ability to hunt for food
or beat up some other dude
Turn the bar into a zoo
Then you’re appalled by baby girls attitude
I can’t just act rude and get you in the mood?
I can’t just show muscles that bulge like my self inflated ego,
and make you wetter than jumping Off Niagara falls with no speedo?
No idiot you’re just not seeing it
Watch the word leave lips right before you’re eating it
I’m not a feminist but I get that the gist of being sexist
is denying respect to exist
in any “miss” cause you missed
with pick up lines that put down and made her pissed
you’re only going to fuck up
And it’s not with someone else
So explain that every girl is just too “stuck up”
And keep your hand to yourself!

Stalker Therapy

It’s not murder if it’s for love
Dreams of you up above
marks on the ass where my hands dug
Hips swaying with ease
I like the way you tease
My favorite disease
Punk rock chick, metal mouth lick
Hardcore bitch, porno flick shit
Kisses need teeth
For the bleeding back beneath
Hit me again so I can breathe
I can give you more than you’d like to receive
Bruises in the shape of hearts
Whips and chains play a part
Love me like you hate me
Fuck me while you degrade me
Maybe I’ll play devil’s advocate
Grab your neck and choke it
If you think you can handle it
Burlesque is quite the show
I’d rather take you home though
You dance, they all jack off that night
But when approached most back off and stay quiet
They must be scared of what they will find
But I’ve already killed you a million times
in my mind